Create with Purpose.

Human-first design.

I'm Jason Moosikkamol, but my friends call me Moose. I'm a Chicago-based designer who creates humanized digital experiences. My passion is to bring ideas to life and create meaningful design.

My background in social causes taught me to create with empathy and understand users as people with unique stories. Out-of-college, I co-founded Native Tongue - a non-profit dedicated to alleviate food insecurity in underserved communities. Through this journey, I was introduced to design thinking. I've been a believer ever since.

Since I was handed my first set of LEGOs, I sought to bring my ideas to life. I first took an interest in photography and writing because they are outlets to share my vision. However, I always yearned to build ideas that could help others. Design helped me propel myself to that mission.

Fun Facts:
I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a BA in Communication Studies. I’m fluent in Thai and still working on my Spanish. Food, hip-hop and travel excites me. Meditation and mindfulness guides me. I'm also a solid addition to your basketball team (taking serious inquiries). |  224-381-5685

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